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Real estate is the most exciting investment you can make. It should be a fun and rewarding experience. Are looking to buy a home or sell a home near one of the prestigious Chico golf courses, like Canyon Oaks Country Club, Bidwell Park Golf Course, or Butte Creek Country Club?  Or perhaps you prefer to buy in a quiet lot in the fertile agricultural community, or a shaded property in the foothills.  Whether you are looking to buy a home or sell a home:

I Will Make Your Next Move A Pleasant One!

Nothing is more exciting to me than the gratifying feeling I get from helping people meet their real estate needs. You can count on me to always do what is in your best interest. I pride myself on being honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in the real estate market.  I have had extensive training in the latest real estate strategies, and am confident that I can offer you knowledge and tools most other agents can’t.

I know how important it is to get the best offer for your property and to find your dream home. Therefore I will make it my responsibility to help you achieve those goals. Take a look around the website to see some of the useful tools available for both buyers and sellers.

I understand that the purchase of a new home or the sale of your home is one of the most important transactions you will make in your lifetime. I’m here to guide you through this intense process, ensuring that you get expert advice, honest appraisals, and consistent communication.

It’s important for me to connect with each person because I want to take the stress out for them.  I get the most satisfaction out of caring for people and knowing they have been given excellent representation. That is why each year I invest in honing my skills to keep up with technology and invest in education to be sure I am the best negotiator my clients can hire.

So whether you are thinking of buying or selling, call me and let me put my expertise to work for you.

Do you have your financing lined up?  This is a crucial step in making sure you get the best value on your home.  Having a letter of qualification or Pre-Approval can make a difference when I can present it with your offer.  Having a lender that is local with a good reputation, is also important.  I can help you find an excellent lender who will educate you so there are no surprises, and prepare you so your offer has the best chance at being accepted.

Real Estate Questions and Answers with Becky Williams


Considering selling your home?  There are many factors you may not have considered.  A Real Estate Specialist can help you navigate the process and ensure a safe experience.

 What is a qualified buyer?

A qualified buyer is one whose identity has been verified by a lender who looks at a driver’s license and social security numbers.  The lender also checks their credit, income and debt to assess if they can afford to purchase a home.  They also inform the buyer about the amount they can get a loan for and what their mortgage payment will be.  As a Realtor, I have a working relationship with lenders in the community and can recommend someone for a buyer to work with..

What is a lockbox and how does it impact my safety?

A lockbox is a device used to store the key.  Only a licensed Realtor has access to the device. The lockbox technology stores information so we have the ability to see who has accessed the home, and when they were there.  We can then contact those Realtors to obtain feedback.  There is also a timing mechanism that allows us to program when the lockbox will/will not open.  This gives the seller security in knowing someone cannot come in at just any hour.

Why doesn’t a  seller just stay in the home while it is being shown?

The buyer needs to feel comfortable to view every aspect of the home and present any objections they have about the house to their Realtor so they can overcome this objection while they are still in the home and change the way the buyer feels about the home.  For example, countertops… a buyer may not want tile, but after they leave the home they may simply say it didn’t feel right.  A Realtor can ask questions like… Do you know what it would cost to change the countertops?  Then we can provide resources to help the buyer do some research and make a logical decision, rather than an emotional one.



You would like to avoid your house being on the market any longer than necessary.  Marketing is important.  A Realtor has the access and knowledge to know where to advertise your home to expose it to as many buyers as possible.  This will ensure that you get the best value for your home.

How would you avoid a home being on the market longer than necessary?

I create demand for your home by Pricing, Staging, and Marketing

How does marketing make a home sell quickly?

Most people see your home first on the internet so it’s important to create a desirable space that buyers will be curious about.  This requires knowledge about staging.  And then you need photography that makes your home stand out. I can provide pictures of before and after.

How would you prepare your home to sell for the highest value?

The home needs to be in showing condition, not “living condition.”

There is a difference. And as your Real Estate Specialist, I know how to create a look that will attract a lot of buyers.  When excitement is created over a new listing, You also create demand.

What about offering a staging guide?

Do you recommend the seller also post a listing on their own FB page?

Absolutely!  Social media is a great way to market your home!  However, you want to do it the right way.  Then your friends and family will help to spread the news!



Everyone has their “DREAM” home, but can all your wants fit into your budget?  A Real Estate Specialist can help to uncover your true needs and then help locate a home that may even fulfill some of the wants too.

How will I help navigate true needs?

Often there’s more than one person buying the home and they will have different needs and wants. However, as your Real Estate Specialist, I help identify what’s most important to bring the two together and find a solution for everyone.

How do you identify the difference between the wants and needs?

One of the ways we can discover what a person wants is to have them make a list.  A physical list, in writing, on paper.  If I am working with two people, I have each one make a separate list.  Then I have each person identify their top 3 needs.  It’s interesting to see what happens when the lists are compared.

How do you resolve a conflict in wants and needs for two people?

The first thing in reviewing the list is to discover the “why” behind the “want”.   One person may want a 4 car garage. Then you discover that it is actually boat parking they want.  So then you can move forward and find a property that has an extra large lot that would have extra room for storage.

What are some additional resources you recommend to help clients identify their wants and needs?

Houzz.com – is a great resource for pricing items as well as getting ideas.

Pinterest – is another resource you can go to for ideas on different things like recipes, hairstyles, birthday parties, as well as home ideas.

Create a board with storage ideas, laundry room, kitchen, bedrooms.

How do use a room for multiple functions?

Then there is always old school – Magazines, make a dream board, or scrapbook.


What is a Real Estate team?

When you go to visit a doctor, he doesn’t greet you at the front desk, he doesn’t take your blood pressure or weigh you, the doctor comes in to do the most important part, analyze all the information,  and give you a recommendation and a treatment.

As a Realtor, I hire people to manage the area they specialize in, so I can focus on my customers.

What are some of the tasks you will hire people to do for you?

As a Realtor, I have discovered that much like a mom, I cannot be everywhere at once and you can’t be amazing at everything!  For example, when I am with my buyers and showing property or with my sellers and listing a home, I can’t also be answering the phone and responding to emails.  So I hire someone to schedule and coordinate inspections for me… Inspections have to be coordinated with the other agent and their client, the inspector, as well as my client.  Access has to be arranged and if last minute something goes wrong and an inspector can’t get into a home, I want someone to handle that immediately so no-one is held up.

It’s the same with the paperwork.  If the lender or the escrow officer need some documents, I don’t want them to have to wait till I get back to the office.  This allows for a much smoother transaction for you because it’s not one person doing all of those jobs, it’s an entire team.

They also help with Marketing & Advertising and managing Websites & Social Media. Bookkeeping/Accounting, Photography, etc. So I hire people who specialize in these areas.

What areas do you specialize in?

I specialize in Knowledge of the market and research so I can be an expert in my field.

Then I negotiate to make sure you get the best value.

I also manage inspections to make sure my client thoroughly understands the condition of the house.

Standing in the front yard after a whole house inspection one day, I realized there were a few redwood trees at the edge of the property.  So I looked at my buyer and said those trees concern me and I recommended getting a sewer line inspection. As it turned out there was a serious problem with the sewer line and we decided to look for another house.

In sticky situations, I reach out to an attorney to make sure my clients stay out of the courtroom.

Then I also manage my team so they have the tools & knowledge to be excellent at their job.



What is a Zestimate?

It is an algorithm that Zillow uses, basically an average price of the homes that have sold around your house, based on the information they have on your home….beds/baths/square footage.

How accurate is a Zestimate?

Sometimes it’s pretty close, but that depends.  Sometimes the data they have on your home isn’t accurate. So the number of bedrooms, baths, or square footage is wrong.

If you live in a neighborhood where all the homes are newer and the neighborhood is consistent, your Zestimate is a good place to start.  However, if the homes around you have different size lots, and some are in better or worse condition than yours, your Zestimate may not be even close to the real value.

For an accurate valuation, call me!  I will verify the information that is in your tax records before I give you a valuation.  If you are thinking of selling I will personally look at your home to make sure I am comparing it to homes that are similar and making adjustments for the differences.

Should a seller list their own home based on a Zestimate?

Probably not… It takes experience to maximize your the return on your investment and what if the value you start with is wrong.    Pricing your home is just one of many important factors in getting the highest value!

Advertising a home is a huge job!  My listings go on over 900 websites nationally and internationally.  And I advertise to many platforms of buyers, online, offline and in person… I even doorknock.  I don’t want miss one potential buyer!

How good are you at Negotiating?  An experienced agent does it every day.  Getting you the best price when you sell is just the beginning.  A good agent can also save you money during the transaction.

Selling a home begins with a conversation.  So give me a call today and let me take the stress out for you, keep you safe, and maximize the return on your investment.

A home is often one of the largest investments we make. What can a seller do to maximize their value before putting it on the market?

What can a seller do to increase their value?

Make sure your agent understands the market & accurately prices your home.  This is most important.

Then make sure your agent has a written marketing plan & you know where they are advertising.  Creating excitement about your home is the best way to get you the most money.

Now, what about fixing up a place?

First impressions are important! So start with the front door. Wash it down, or paint it to freshen it up.  When people see the front door you want them to be curious about what’s on the other side.

And grab your paintbrush! There’s no better way to update your home and make it look fresh than adding a new coat of paint. It’s the cheapest thing you can do.

Next, take a look at your carpet.  Sometimes new flooring is in order, or simply getting the carpets clean will work. You want your buyer to feel like your floor is clean enough to sit their toddler down on.

Windows are the eyes of a home. Make sure they’re clean. You don’t want someone looking at the windows, you want them looking at the view.

As agents, we work with these services all the time, so ask me who I recommend.  My job is to make this easy for you.

Once the house is clean, what is the next step?


Most buyers start by looking online, so make sure your home is picture perfect!

Declutter each room.  You want it to look a little empty.  This will make the buyer feel like the house is ready for them to move in.  You want it in  “Showing Condition” vs “Living Condition”

Remove personal items so the buyer doesn’t feel like they are “invading” Your Home & can visualize it as their own.  Then when you think it’s ready, take a picture with your phone… could you imagine the picture being in a magazine?

Your agent should know how to make this happen, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.